About Me 


"Like many artists, I paint because I feel that I must. To me, happiness is when I am painting. Aside from my family and friends, my life revolves around my painting. 


I enjoy the beauty of the world around me. Travel takes me to see many wonderful landscapes. I can hardly wait to get home and recapture that beauty in paintings. 


I love reflections, and therefore I like shiny and reflective objects. I often use my extensive collection of silver, glass, lace and crystal objects in still life setups. For the same reason I enjoy going to antique stores. These visits have resulted in many of my "reflection series" of still life set-ups. 


One never knows where life will lead. My two birth brothers started taking me to classic automobile shows. I'm not interested in motors so I began taking photos of the cars themselves. Once I got home and started editing the photos I realized that I could be painting the reflections that were visible in most of the cars. That started a great fascination with reflections and automobile shows and has resulted in some award winning paintings. 


Gardens are also high on my list of things to see. I like painting close-ups of flowers bathing in sunlight and shadow. I think a semi-abstract view of a flower will often add a visual delight.  


In summation, I want my paintings to reflect the beauty and happiness that we see in the world around us. I would like to think that my viewers will feel that my paintings help to make the world a better place to live in. " 


Gloria Ainsworth Mout - Artist