I have joined a weekly “plein air” (painting in the open air) group for the summer months. So far, the weather has not been cooperating. Yes, I know I live in BC and should expect rain, but it is the start of summer and it would be nice to have more than one sunny day in a row. The sunny days that we have had, have been the day before and the day after our “plein air” days! I have done a bit of outdoor painting in the past but I am more comfortable painting in the studio. I’m going to try to at least get some sketching done though!    

Last week Lora, a club member, invited us to her acreage. The weather was cloudy but it was easy to get in the painting mood as the property is landscaped and has little ponds, flowers, ducks, chickens and even a cat wandering around. Ginger Kitty was very friendly with us, and surprisingly, walked right through all the fowl without a passing glance from either party.

We take our own lunch on these outings but I don’t think that anyone opened theirs as Lora had made homemade soup, bread fresh from the oven, and she even had huge macaroons and other delightful treats, this was totally unexpected and sincerely appreciated.  Thank-you Lora for your hospitality. 

The rain held off until after our lunch, so since I had completed my sketch in the morning, I packed up and painted it at home.

I’m not sure if I will be able to attend next week but I will try to post more sketches in the future.